Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I tried to have two Whatsapp account in one phone. Android phone. Then i found alternative way to having like 'whatsapp' such as 2 line, OGWhatsapp, Whatsmapp. I tried the OGWhatsapp first but its not working. recently all OGWhatsapp having obstacle which i dont understand what happen cause it my first time doing this. Here i found the solution at last. hope this can help others if you have two number or need two Whatsapp account in your android phone. Using whatsmapp.

What i do:

1. Install my real whatsapp as usual.

2.Download whatsmapp.apk
3.Install it. The process..
4. Enter my second number. Verifying etc etc.
5.Tada ! finished! :D

Here the website which i got the apk file. and youtube if you want to see video. This is not from the same page / people but thanks to them. Its work.

Direct Whatsmapp Download : Whatsmapp
Website : Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in Same Android Mobile Phone (Latest)